Some of the Biggest Psychic Scams To Avoid

Even though there are really gifted people, legitimate psychics, who truly have the ability to read personal energy (aura), Universal energy and can communicate with the deceased. These people are usually honest, reliable, law-abiding and willing to help the others using their unusual gift. However, that represents a small portion of the claimed psychics out there. Most of them are scammers, posing as psychic mediums to take advantage of the desperate and naive people for their own personal gain. Using their imagination and people skills, these psychics have tricked a lot of people into giving them a lot of money for the most unbelievable things.

Under a spell/cursed

This is the most common psychic scam. They will tell you that you are under some kind of spell or that you are cursed and they can absolutely remove it. That fee can go up to several thousand dollars and you´ll be amazed how many people go for it. To remove the spell or curse, scammers will most probably offer you to do it as a service, but some of them use the old crystal or potion trick. Hearing the word ¨curse¨, people get a sense of fear, which scamming psychics use to manipulate them.

There are also candles that are available to protect you from different spells. But those are two kinds. The expensive ones are obviously sold by the scammers, and then there are the ones that go for a couple of dollars. Those are the most common, and are sold in various places. The one thing that´s proving you´re being ripped off is their price.

Put a spell on someone

Making your crush fall in love with you, getting that dream job you´ve been wanting for a long time, are things that anyone of us wish for. But overcoming someone´s free will isn´t possible. They say hope dies last, and that is what scamming psychics are using to manipulate people into buying their service. Saying that they can make someone do something against their will is a scam. People visualize their future and wishes and use prayer or other religious practices to make their dreams come true. Effective or not, these are things you can do on you own, you don´t need to hire a person who has about the same power and influence as you.


Having some type of issue related to their health makes people desperate. This is how some scamming psychics make a large profit. They claim that using some type of healing therapy, they can make everything go away (health wise). Suspicion should arise when those people ¨guarantee you will be healed.

The most important piece of advice is to not get your desperation get in the way of your common sense. Observe the red flags and get out of that situation as soon as possible.

Understanding Mediumship

Mediumship has been around for a long time, ever since people understood there was more than just the physical world. As a result, mediumship today can be explained as the method in which a spirit personality used a person as vessel or tool to speak, cause things to happen, channel energy, or make the spirit available for analysis.

Key Elements

4040773_origThere are few key elements in the mediumship definition above. First, there needs to be a proactive relationship between the spirit and the person who is going to be vessel or tool. Second, there’s a reason present why that relationship exists and is used by both entities. These reasons can include a need to share information to those in the physical world, a need to cause physical things to a happen which are described as paranormal, a need to make energy changes occur, or a need to become present in the physical world some how some way. In every situation, mediumship has to have an earth/physical channel and a spirit entity involved.

There are technical distinctions in how a person who channels is used by a spirit as well. Those who are used for communication by a spirit are known as spirit communicators. Alternatively, those who channel and are used to make energies change or transfer are dubbed spirit operators.

Mediumship Channeling Differences

When mediumship occurs primarily with a mental communication, the medium or channel will be the one to experience or feel the spirit involved. Others can only go by what the medium is saying or seems to be experiencing visually. As a result, the medium tends to know the most of what’s going on, and witnesses are entirely reliant on the medium for an explanation.

On the other hand, when a physical mediumship is involved, there is a visual manipulation of physical surroundings and environmental energies. As a result, the interaction is visible and experienced by both the medium and witnesses. The type of experience or specifics will vary, depending on the medium and spirit involved, but it’s clear to everyone present an involvement occurs when the mediumship is happening.

In Summary

Understanding that mediumship has different levels and conditions goes a long way towards gaining a better perspective of the connection process. Unlike what Hollywood like to make the connection out to be, mediumship can provide a number of different experiences. How those experiences are interpreted then defines the value of the process for people who need information as well as the spirit involved and its needs.

Online Psychics – Your Consultation Options in the Modern Age

Therefore, another huge development in talking with psychics has emerged – chatting with psychics over the internet. This might not seem as personal to some people as talking over the telephone, but there are many options for chatting with a psychic online that do not involve simply typing back and forth to them (though that is an option).

Supplanting the Telephone

For one, there is a voice chat option very much like how a telephone psychic works. Of course, the voice quality using online voice chat is far superior, and for most people it is far easier to use than having to dial a specific number on their phone and then deal with the weird ways that the charging system on phones can work.


Face to Face Consultations

There is also something far superior to old-school voice chat – video chat through certain internet services allows you to be face to face with the psychic, albeit virtually. In this way, you are as close to the original way that people would consult with psychics as possible – sitting across a table from them.

A Meeting of Worlds

Whichever way you decide to consult with a psychic though, every single option has truly been given the treatment of modernization. No longer does consulting with a psychic feel like something that belongs in the mid-80s, like something that you would do on one of those shows that would dominate certain corners of cable television. Consulting with a psychic on the internet through text, voice, or video feels like the perfect combination of modern technology with ancient mysticism, and to be completely honest it’s a combination that works very well despite the fact that it seems like it shouldn’t work at all.